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The last thing our clients want is to find themselves enmeshed in situations requiring the courts to decide their fate. We strive to keep our clients out of court and to use persuasive alternative dispute resolution methods before a lawsuit is filed. Litigation, however, cannot always be avoided. In these cases, Abel Law Offices zealously represents its clients’ interests in State and Federal Courts throughout California.

We understand that lawsuits are not only frustrating, but time consuming and costly. Although our clients are necessarily required to participate in a lawsuit, we are committed to enabling our clients to continue running their operations and to resolving their legal matters quickly and economically.

Abel Law Offices has the skill, experience, and dedication required to competently prosecute or defend complex litigation. Our dynamic approach includes swift, decisive, and strategic action to navigate the gauntlet of obstacles that litigation imposes. Abel Law Offices aggressively approaches the litigation battlefield employing piercing arguments and persuasive negotiations to achieve results.

If you or your business is forced to litigate, we will commit our skills and resources to get you the best-possible outcome with expedience.

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